Exclusive couch Faz by Spanish architect Ramon Esteve

Beautiful day bed on the terrace

Impressed by the beauty of minerals polygonal shapes found in nature, the Spanish architect Ramon Esteve has developed a couch for the company Vondom Faz.

Sunbathe comfortably

All this culminated in an amazing design exclusive furniture with a snow-white color. It will help protect users from harmful sun rays.

In addition, the chair is fitted with wheels, whereby the structure can be easily moved from one location to another, creating a universal platform for obtaining relaxation and tan.

The upper part is made of a translucent fabric, which gives it the function of a protective umbrella. The roof is adjusted directly during the holidays, with the help of a hydraulic system.

Also a couch supports Bluetooth and has built-in speakers. So you can listen to any music, without leaving the pool.

First of all, it will charm you by its design, functionality, and of course, comfort, becoming the first use of a unique place of leisure.

Wonderful day bed by the pool

Beautiful couch

Gorgeous day bed by the pool

stunning couch

Amazing couch

Excellent couch

Wonderful couch

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