Elegant Model: grace and reliable aluminum chair by Harry Thaler

Beautiful chairs made of extruded aluminum

London designer Harry Thaler has created a joint project, which is the winner of the International Furniture Fair, organized by imm cologne.

The ease and simplicity

This stool is made of aluminum sheet 2.5 mm thick. Due to the concave legs is achieved durability and reliability of the design, which consists of 3 parts connected by bolts.

Pressed chairs against the wall

By his amazing creation would createsimple and ergonomic chair with a minimum spent on this material. It is so light and weightless that it is possible to keep in the air, even with two fingers, without spending any physical effort.

Unique chairs in the room

This low-key in its structure design, made without any decorative features, was a real breakthrough and, together with folding buffet took honorable first place.

Pressed chair - top view

On it there is no seam, which creates the impression of a smooth and perfect product that can touch all the most sensitive chord of the soul.

Extra seat extruded aluminum chair

Sophisticated connoisseurs and fans allelegant and refined in their environment appreciated will appreciate this incredible work of art and enjoy its subtle forms and spectacular appearance on our website.

Delightful chairs in the unassembled state

Good chairs in the room

Extruded aluminum chairs from different angles

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