Elegant furniture with a double function: a step-ladder and a chair

Creative stool-ladder indoors

Two in one - a designer chair, a ladder - itelegant furniture, safe for the first function and convenient for the second. The model is called Stepladder Chair was designed and developed by Dutch designer Maarten Olden.

It has a clean, minimalist design, it is easily integrated into a variety of modern interiors.

Two versions and three color options. We can say with confidence that this element is highly adaptable in the house and show the ingenuity of their owners.

The original chair-step-ladder in folded condition

The designer explained that was the reason and the idea for the creation of this item:

"There was a desire to create a ladder that would fit into the modern interior. But today they look very utilitarian, and quickly returned to the storage site.

Although this item is collapsible, itshould it not be packed away and removed. The two-stage version can be used as a seat and a small ladder, a three-stage - as high (bar) stool and a stepladder higher. "

If you remember, as a product Tenzing Ladder was published, stylish designed Fritz Specht, which partly resembles that chair.

Wonderful chairs, ladders

Beautiful chairs, ladders

Bright chair-stepladder

Modern chair-stepladder

Convenient chair-step-ladder at the table

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