Unusual chair Decube: simplicity, elegance and creative approach to the development of unusual design

Unusual chair

The history of furniture production is rooted in more ancient times, since this day, interior transformed beyond recognition.

If before our ancestors did, and even chairsbeds with stone, the modern equivalents - is the epitome of comfort. And today we want to introduce the readers to the invention, in the style of modernism, where the dominant advantage is practical and even versatility.

In our field of vision has got an unusual chair - Decube.

Beautiful chair with decorative elements in the room

Wonderful chair, lamp, table

Mankind invented many ways andleisure options, but in the traditional methods will always be a preference. Many of us love to plunge into the peaceful state, being in the reclining position, immersed in the soft upholstery structure.

That this instance is designed for relaxation,attached to it and poof, which connects to the base with a rope. You can use it as a footrest, and put it into the space between the backrest and armrests, if necessary, that she would not interfere.

stunning chair

When assembled, the invention is a square soft ottoman, which can kompaktnenko lay down in a corner and does not clutter the space, ideal for small-sized housing.

This has created the splendor of the Italian designer LucaBinaglia. The basis Decube Furniture Project is a wood panel upholstered with fabric made from recycled materials, this method achieved its environmental safety.

Amazing seat

The perfect chair

In sale a variety of colors thatthis allows the product to adapt to any interior. Colours with colorful and intense shades presented in a wide range, so that the current model can choose not only the design of the room, but also to your liking.

Amazing furniture has long been a special place in our lives. Imagination and creative approach to project development allows you to create the most unusual and wonderful examples.

So with Decube Furniture Project, which will not only provide a comfortable place to relax, but also a stylish part of your home decor.

A wonderful chair

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