Romantic for two chaise Happy Chaise Longue

Double sun lounger

English-speaking readers dizainall siteWe have noticed an error in the spelling of the word lounger in the title of this article. In fact, it is not no typo and the author's intent, a kind of trick one of the last works of Russian minimalist Dima Loginov (Dima Loginoff).

Wonderful beach chair for two people

Designed for Happiness

Talented guy, last a long, bumpy ride from the barber-stylist to the objective of the designer, has created a spacious double couch to lovers.

Whether the couple wants to soak up the sun together or apart to lie - it does not matter.

Chaise design in a few people swimming pool

In any case, as the author assures his fans, crowded they do not have to. After all, thanks to two niches considerable size, there really is where to turn.

Lovely beach chair for two persons

Plastic and steel

Pretty solid frame made of plastic andchrome-plated steel body forms a chaise longue outlandish form. Due to its semi-transparent design is a comfortable place to rest will look great in the interior of modern living and even become its highlight.

Illustration placing people on a double sun chairs

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