Cottage - Bed by Patricia Urquiola

Cottage with four-poster exhibition

Today we want to present a magnificent project by Patricia Urquiola, made by special order for a large furniture company Kettal.

Excellent facility for a relaxing holiday

It is the perfect solution for a country house and a bedroom, this piece of furniture everywhere you can find a place, because of the unusual shape and natural materials.

The essence of the ideas was to create an isolated space for relaxation and privacy that just need a man in the conditions of modern life.

Cottage with four-poster bed and pillows

Cottage with four-poster exhibition

Comfort and relaxation

The structure has been called "Cottage" and it was first presented at the international exhibition SALONE DEL MOBILE.

On the one hand, it resembles a regular four-poster bed, but once inside you will experience the incredible feeling of comfort and security.

Simulation design of the house, created by the triangular frame made of aluminum, which is decorated with white siding.

Woman in a cottage with four poster

Design performance of the roof of the cottage with a four-poster bed

Outside mounted thick curtains on rails thatwill provide you with complete privacy. The interior is simple, minimalist style: ottoman medium hardness and several patterned pillows.

There are several wooden shelves, which can be placed belongings, food and drinks. And you, the visitors of our forum, we would like to purchase a cozy nest?

Color options of cottages with canopy

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