Convertible furniture for seating

Kube Set of Ego Paris

Surprisingly, there are many many thingsfunctions, which we do not suspect. Introducing modifies furniture from designers - multitasking samples. Three different project from Turkey, France and Italy.

The first one is designed and called Ryan KoensOturakast. It seems that it's just unusual wardrobe. In fact, every part of it has folding legs, and all the components are rapidly converted into chairs.

Beautiful modular cabinet Oturakast

The next project under the name of Ego Paris Kube can convert into a chaise longue, a pouf or coffee table.

Wonderful Kube set of Ego Paris

And finally, the convertible sofa from the Italian design house Campeggi, able to become a set of armchairs, sofa or full time dressing room.

Lovely sofa convertible from Campeggi

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