Concrete furniture for city streets from Coda Alex Lifschutz and Woodhouse

Outdoor bench seat, urn, signs

Surprisingly, even concrete can be used for the manufacture of furniture, however, is that only a street. Take a look!

The durability in combination with elegance

It is clear that this kind of sets must perform their functions on a qualitatively higher level, corresponding with the architectural performance of the place where they are installed.

Obviously, the romantic bench with wrought flowers did not fit into the atmosphere of industrial areas and pragmatic gray design any kind of spoil the front part of the city.

Alex Lifschutz Designer together withWoodhouse has developed a collection of street mebeliCoda, which has high strength, pleasing palette of colors, particularly the reliability of the materials and finishes.

Designed such products are mainly for installation in residential areas and business districts.

Wood + metal + concrete.

For manufacturing line Coda chose concrete, woodmetal and various shades of gray. Benches, bins and signs were devoid of any additional parts and elements, which is important for the busy city streets and looks quite harmoniously.

Furniture has turned rich, strong, durable.

Outdoor bench

Elegant design with a low profile givesfeeling of lightness together with the solidity of concrete used as a main structural component. The conical shape is the best fit in the urban style. The visual effect of these products is simply amazing.

Bench line with the concrete foundation

Concrete urn

Metal index

Concrete pointer

Element outdoor benches

Street pointer

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