Conceptual chair by Enrico Bressan repeats wildlife

A chair in the form of a cactus of different colors

Co-founder Artecnica and architect by profession Italian Enrico Bressan, finally perfected his creation - a chair Kaktus.

Chair - Cactus Flower

This masterpiece gives the impression of a strong and robust construction, when at the same time it is made of polished aluminum base secondary that gives it lightness and weightlessness.

It's ideal for creating interior notes indoors, and for upgrading the infield.

His unrivaled inspiration furnituredesigner drew with interesting plant species tree, in whose honor and named the project itself. Many spines from the family kH Cholla branch and intertwine, like antlers. This shrub grows mainly in the Sonoran Desert.

All art composition performed in different shades. Our visitors can see silver, yellow, blue and red seats in tone colored fruits of these plush cacti.

Architectural works of the author have been awarded numerous awards. All his creativity will be a perfect interpretation of the modern interior design.

Future owners will appreciate the magnificent view of the outside chairs and functional features.

Cool chair in the form of a cactus

Lovely chair in the form of a cactus with decorations at the wall

The original design of the chair-cactus

Elegant chair cactus on the table

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