Comfortable chairs for the balconies and terraces from Patrick Frey

Creative seats made of plastic

When it comes to furniture design, for sure,many suggest that this trend is closely connected with the interiors. Indeed, a significant part of such projects is designed for the fashionable and stylish design offices, houses and shops.

Bright collection of plastic

But there are works in which the basicattention is paid to the beautification of the street area. After all, in parks, backyards, playgrounds, too, want to see not only soundly strong, but also beautiful and elegant furniture.

We offer a wonderful view colorful collection of chairs «NOOK stool» young and talented designer Patrick Frey (Patrick Frey).

Dizanerskie seats of plastic in different colors

Elegant shape of objects, similar to the flower buds, was made of an innovative material VarioLine® with a special structure, derived from the processed high-pressure polypropylene.

It should be noted that the plastic sheet,produced using this technology, it has high strength and rigidity, but at the same time is flexible. These properties make it possible to not only the original designer furniture, and parts for shipbuilding and automotive industries.

Moreover, this material is resistant toultraviolet rays (and therefore does not change its color over time) and the weather (rain, snow, wind) and it is easy to dispose of, and that led to an increased interest in him on the part of architects, who decided to use it for the first time in their projects.

Wonderful seat of plastic

Plastic + high-tech

As you can see, the sculptural form of stools and benches was obtained through a combination of flat and curved elements. Moreover, all products are made from a single sheet of plastic.

First, the material on the inside is processed with the help of high-precision equipment for the authors invented the template, and then the workpiece can be easily folded into amazing shape.

For fixing elements applied specialaluminum bracket, located at the bottom of the chair. So, without glue and welding have been implemented stunning fantasy furniture designers have undoubted functionality and attractive elegant appearance.

plastic sheet seat manufacturing

The manufacturing process of plastic seats

seats made of plastic

In contrast to the production of compact stoolsoriginal benches requires more effort and more accurate calculations, since the change in geometry affects the stability and structural strength. But VarioLine® material in this case has proved to their best as possible to expand the range.

Good seats made of plastic

Spectacular chairs, for sure, will be recognized not only for companies involved in the organization of leisure and beautification of the area, but also in ordinary urban residents and the owners of private houses.

Would you have refused from this amazingFurniture that is not afraid of water, the sun, has a light weight, bright colors and can easily provide the required number of seats as in parks and backyards?

Luxury seats made of plastic

Dizzying seats made of plastic

Furniture «NOOK stool» produced by VIAL

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