Comfortable and original: a wooden bench Origami Forum by ModelArt Studio designers

Wooden bench at the exhibition

Today we will speak about the current conceptual art, which gradually moves from the laboratory design studios in the city streets, decorating them with extraordinary fruits of their creativity.

origami Technique

This interesting art object designed ModelArt Studio in a creative alliance with the boys of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in the city of Novi Sad (Serbia), more like a sculptural composition.

Actually, however, it is a matter of street furniture, which can be installed either outdoors or indoors.

Beautiful wooden bench sitting with the people

He is the original bench, on whichIt can comfortably accommodate several people, and hence its name - the "Forum", that is a kind of place where people gather to socialize and spend their leisure time interesting.

Wonderful bench

Its architecture is sculptural reflectionessence of origami - the Japanese art of folding figures of ancient paper. A closer look at it immediately perceives the possibility of infinite forms, which can be transformed completely in either direction.

Fasteners design bench

The advantage of such structures is that theyconstructor like going from a relatively small objects that firstly, facilitates their transportation, and secondly, has low production cost.

In addition, not having any special skills, you can easily put together a stylish piece of furniture of any configuration. Just create!

Great bench - top view

Charming bench - side view

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