Collection of street benches PlaidBench Collection by Raw-Edges Studio

Benches colored stripes - top view

Today, we have prepared a very interesting article for you. We shall not weary, let's start! Each of us is something inspiring. Question another: what is it? Colorful things bright stands or motivating inscription?

Bright colors

Today you will learn about a project called PlaidBench Collection.

Unique bench of colored stripes

Wonderful bench of blue, green and brown stripes

Beautiful bench of blue, green and brown stripes

The legs of benches in different colors and shapes

Multicolored items for the bench

It's about the benches - the most unusual and extremely attractive. How could they, standard look like? Boring, wood, and, as a rule, two-tone.

Experiment with colors, combine different materials and textures! Get pleasure from the process. The result is a wonderful collection!

A man collects colorful wonderful bench

A man collects colorful bench

A man collects colorful creative bench

Multicoloured skameka during assembly

A man collects colorful bench

Man collects colorful bench

Parts of the bench are endless patterns that are perfect for any interior. Tapes, crosses, roses, anything - looks great!

Everything is in your hands: an infinite range of shapes, sizes and materials. Decide on the purpose, and all must succeed! Good luck!

Many of the original multi-colored benches

A large number of the original multi-colored benches

Beautiful bright colored bench

The original bright colored bench

Original bright multicolored benches

Bench in red and maroon stripes

Feet different colored benches

White bench with blue and red stripes

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