City bench with his lawn by Philippe Nigro

The original bench with a lawn between the seats

Today we are pleased to introduce our visitors to an interesting solution of urban furniture - from the bench «Saturnia».

The unusual design: Nature and the City

Bench attracts glances of passersbecause of its unusual design, created by a talented artist. Designed specifically for display at the exhibition of Italian design «Piba Marmi's Monocromo» under the Fair «Abitare il Tempo», a bench is a real find: it is not only a place of rest for any weary traveler, but also the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors even on the scale of a large city.

Lawn grass in bench

Bench with a lawn between the seats

Geometry in forms

By construction, the bench has an irregular geometric shape, since it consists of a plurality of squares and rectangles arranged at different angles.

The main feature of «Saturnia» is"Herbal island" located in the center between the flagstones. The appearance of the bench is a modern, original, ideal complement not only the urban landscape, but also suitable for indoor public places.

Drops of water on a bench

Bench with a lawn between the seats in the room

Materials provided by the designer Rhilippe Nigro.

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