Bench made of wood to decorate the yard

Wooden bench mesh form

wooden bench

The most common locations overrest are considered comfortable, quiet location, placed in the most picturesque areas of the garden. Today, dear readers, we want to give you some tips for decorating suburban areas with decorative benches.

How to decorate the lawn wooden bench

If your garden has a large area, the towns for the seats can be installed along the garden paths, at the entrance of the house, around the pool or ornamental fountain.

Classical bench near the pond

wooden bench

Wooden bench in the garden

wooden bench

If you have a lawn, with the condition that the grass on itresistant to trampling, the perfect garden bench placement does not come up. It also looks great next to the hedges, Landscaped arches or near the landings, to be able to relax during gardening work.

Little bench with a high back

wooden bench

Wooden bench with rapids

wooden bench

Figured wooden bench

wooden bench

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