Bed outdoor different designs and design solutions

Terrace with views of the city

A fabulous view of the city, where you can enjoy a cozy bed

We've put together for you an interesting collection, which must complement your perception dream home, the idea of ​​open space for arrangement of the housing walls.

Garden furniture

You probably often wonder abouthow to effectively build your patio, why not design a luxurious way, where the main role will be for a comfortable bed, couch or sofa?

This way of furniture will allow you to get a cozy nest where you can spend time enjoying the summer sun and a light breeze.

Bamboo bed

Boundless romance design bamboo bed

But you should definitely take into account that such furniture to special requirements, because it is almost always going to be exposed to sunlight, excess moisture.

Bed on the beach

Comfortable nest on the beach

Whether it is a large terrace or a small balcony, garden or terrace, in any case, you get unlimited pleasure, lost in the soft cushions.

Dreamy style design and a special emotional attitude will help you to relax, be inspired or just enjoy a beautiful outlook.

Sit back, we begin our journey into the fantastic world of relaxation and inspiration.


An interesting option for urban residents willsomething like that. In some modern apartment buildings quite spacious balconies, and panorama, which will be in front of your eyes, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you love the metropolis lights, watch the sunset, the stars, or simply contemplate the horizon? Construction of stylish interior design alone will contribute more useful pastime.

Upholstered furniture on the terrace

Comfortable open space with luxury furnishings

The bedroom on the balcony

A view of the wonderful landscape

Roof Terrace

Gorgeous roof terrace

Bed on the poolside terrace

Luxury Mediterranean-style image

The bed on the terrace

Perfect arrangement nook on the roof

Upholstered furniture on the terrace of the species

Stunning design with decorative frames


Using a small couch, even the smallest patio can be transformed.

Whether you want to arrange for themselves a place of solitudeor playground for the whole family? Then select only the appropriate furniture, decorate its home textiles and soft pillows and the result will surprise you.

Double Bed terrace

Comfortable bench for three

Modern furniture on the terrace

Simple and modern design

Bed unusual shape

Spectacular couch with a bold design

Suspended bed on the terrace

Boundless comfort on a secluded verandah

Sofa on the terrace

Compact sofa having opportunities

The bed in the garden

Enjoy your luxurious garden

Bed on the poolside terrace

Chaise lounge, where you can retire

Canopy bed

An impressive addition to the interior patio

Canopy bed

An elegant four-poster bed

The couch on the porch

Rustic couch will look stunning if it decorate accessories

The bed in the patio area

gorgeous patio

Near the swimming pool

You can not limit yourself to a simpledeckchairs, arranged in a row along the deck. Look a little further and you will see the full potential of space, where you can make a reality of all the bold idea.

The beds on the poolside terrace

Stylish comfortable way lezhanok

The beds on the poolside terrace

Exquisite design and dreamy image

Terrace with fireplace

Irresistible terrace with fireplace

Upholstered furniture in the backyard

cozy patio


A special place in the corner of the patio

Bed pool

The bed seems hovering over the water surface of the ocean

Deck chair with a canopy

Interesting design comfortable sunbeds

Canopy bed on the terrace

Couch with frame for curtains

Lounger with canopy under an umbrella

Elegant outdoor lounger with an umbrella

Four-poster bed under a tree

Luxury dreamy image


Another good option that will be excellent choice for both the veranda and garden.

Such suspension will replace the simple bed and hammockwill give you the highest level of comfort, from which you can not refuse. Especially this idea will be interesting for your children, they then just appreciate your bold plan.

Suspended bed on the terrace

Suspended versions may also be interesting to look in any environment

Suspended bed under a tree

Suspended bed for a comfortable rest

Suspended bed on the terrace

Secluded place against the backdrop of wonderful scenery

In the garden

Comfortable bed among luxurious gardens, you care for himself - this is the ultimate dream!

Canopy bed in the garden

Luxury bed among bamboo thickets

Canopy bed in the garden

The design with an adjustable mechanism

Suspended bed in the garden

Unusual hammock in a luxurious patio

Suspended tepee for kids

Unusual tepee for kids

Great idea for the design of open space - it's a great option for those who prefer to spend time outside the house.

Do not limit yourself uninteresting minimum, decide on something more - stylish furniture and the highest level of comfort, then the result will exceed all your expectations!

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