At a picnic with French chic: a luxurious and practical set of folding furniture by Ego

Couple resting on the folding furniture

I look forward to a visual surprise: the original portable headsets for outdoor recreation, which has recently started to use the Parisians.

For weekends Ego campaign designers in ParisWe have developed a unique set of 9 items. It includes 2 beach chairs, 4 lounge chairs, 2 low table, 1 coffee table, painted in yellow color, made of aluminum.

Beautiful folding furniture at the beach

Folding Furniture on sea background

Folding Furniture folded on the beach

Working on this collection, the best designersthe world thought through every detail. Set does not take up much space. When not in use, sun loungers, chairs with tables drawn up on each other and get a geometric figure, like a cube-Rubik.

People relax on the beach with a folding furniture night

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