An exclusive collection of furniture for open space decor by Studio Segers

Corner sofa and wooden table on the terrace

When it comes to flawless executionGorgeous home - do not ignore the views that will open the window. Balcony, patio or terrace also require special attention, namely - the interaction of indoor and outdoor space, because this condition is largely determined by the contours of a modern residence.

The promise of luxury and cheerful style

Continued comfort and functionalitythe internal environment of your property should continue outside the walls, a smooth transition to your favorite place for rest and relaxation. In our outlook got an exclusive collection of the Natal Alu, which is worthy of your attention.

Armchairs and sofas are designed with Studio Segerstaking into account the specific requirements of the open zones. 13 different individual modules allow you to create a cozy lounge, which deals with specific space requirements of your balcony or patio without sacrificing comfort and style.

Luxurious pieces of furniture can be used harmoniously in your living room or any other family in the area. The frame is a strong, but lightweight powder-coated aluminum.

Elegant contours, variations of colors and shapes will be an ideal solution, which you appreciate.

Lovely sofa, table on the pool terrace with decorative elements

Beautiful sofa, tables and ottomans on the terrace

Corner sofa, ottomans, chairs and a table on the pool terrace

Puffs on the poolside terrace

Sofa set with cushions, footstools and tables

A wide range of fabrics and colors

The lineup of designer furniture is available in 70 different instances of fabrics, colors and modules, which ensures a wide range for any interior, even for the most sophisticated users.

Ultra-durable lacquer coating is resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. While double seams ensure the protection of both elements outside of any heavy blows.

Modern, comfortable, timeless and beautiful pieces of design increases the attractiveness of any open space, decorating it and making it a comfortable place for relaxation and leisure.

Creative sofa, table and chair in the living room

A sofa with colorful cushions, chair, table and cabinets in the living room interior

Leather chair by the glass wall

Long leather sofa, wooden chairs and a table in the living room

Easy chair, sofa, tables and chairs in the interior light living room

White sofa, tables, stools and tables in the living room

An exclusive collection of furniture is available ina wide range of versions to suit all tastes. Develop data interior initially relied on the open space, but as a result has acquired a special significance for the inner part of the house.

A wide range of colors, textures, and skinvariation using modules made chairs and sofas adapted to any style and taste. Decorate their private ownership of a part of aesthetics, which is not limited to the strict framework of standards of furnishings.

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