An attractive collection of furniture for the zone in Tosca Collection Basin, opening the door to the world of luxury

Designer sofa to the pool area on the terrace

The main quality that we expect frommodern outdoor decor - it's comfort. The fact that in the last two decades have seen a phenomenal rise in consumer expectations when it comes to it, especially if it is garden furniture, and now people want their beds and chairs were comfortable, both room chairs and sofas.

Furniture for the pool area

One of the companies working in this direction,It is Tribu, whose collections are amazing and luxury items for the yard. Tosca Collection is rich in tradition, Monica Armani is designed with sense of femininity.

Beautiful sofa with cushions set for the pool area

A wonderful sofa to the pool area on the terrace

Great sofa and tables for drinks to the pool area

Excellent sofa, chair and table on the terrace

Wicker chairs and a wooden table for the pool area

Chic sofa with pillows set on the terrace

Classroom chairs on the terrace, with decorative elements

Amazing seats on the terrace - view from above

Versatility and comfort

The design philosophy of this company has alwaysprejudge the creation of a custom outdoor decoration, universal, and sustainable fashion. Luxury couch, comfortable and stylish chairs, a sofa and a delightful part of the attractive coffee table - this line has almost everything that you need.

Made from high quality materials, each of these creations will last a lifetime because of its stability, and futuristic shapes will remain stylish for years.

Couches and chairs have tapered legs, rounded seats, powder-coated, stainless steel and coated with extra-wide weaving.

Dizanerskoe wicker furniture for the pool area

Original armchair and sofa with decorative elements

Charming sofa, an armchair, a table and a vase

Simplicity and elegance

Comfortable cushions designed specificallycollection, assure that they are able to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. The entire collection looks elegant even if it is used indoors.

It can easily be moved from one place to another, thanks to a simple assembly. The perfect way to enjoy a long, dreamy evenings!

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