Amenities Stone Age? transformable modular table from I-Bi Min and Jeffrey L. Day

Stone convertible table

Visitors will be interested to learn about the modern coffee table, which in itself is already a technical masterpiece.

It is made of a set of wooden blocks,cut in a different form with a flat upper surface. Each unit is made so that it can serve as an independent part, if the need arises.

There are six parts in this amazing puzzle. As you can see in the photos below, this table may be intact or be disassembled into different small parts, such as a transformer.

They can install a variety of useful items for interior decoration, asdelat table - is not difficult.


Layout stone table

3D diagram of the stone table

Wood for such a table in a specially selected furniture Studio Collie. The embodiment depicted in the photo below, is made of laminated Baltic birch plywood treated with horizontal edge.

Magnificent stone table

Moulds for manufacturing such a table may bedifferent, but they are designed in the form of three-dimensional mosaic. Such a compound material allow numerous variations and ultimately receive fairy design.

I'm amazed that you can make such a beauty of using mosaic.

Stunning stone table

Driving Stone table

The unique stone table

3D diagram of the stone table

The stylish stone table

Modern stone

3D projection of the stone table

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