15 variants incredible compact furniture designs

Unusual Transforming tables with decorative elements

We offer our readers of our website 15 variants of unusual furniture.

We think that these projects will be interested in, because they are perfect for modern small apartment, and many will also interior decoration.

Tables and chairs, which fit into the shelf.

Beautiful tables, chairs and shelves

Sofa if necessary converted into a bunk bed. Note that even the designers have provided a ladder.

Lovely sofa convertible

Dining table and chairs. When uselessness they are pushed under the table top and the free territory.

Beautiful chairs and table with vase

Folding Table. Miniature fellow bulky and uncomfortable Soviet bureau.

Wonderful chair, desk-drawer

Walls, bed and sofa. But in preparing to sleep, fragile items is recommended to remove the shelf-feet.

Peerless-sofa bed with shelf

Bed built-in wardrobe

Armchair, combined with a coffee table. Very original and the air looks even without filling the prints.

Creative chair with a niche for books

A unique chair with books zapolennoy niche

Convertible sofa. The required time will ensure a warm reception. Some pillows - on metal legs, a sort of miniature stools. The rest can be scattered on the floor as an ottoman. There are two folding worktops.

Unique cabinet transformer

Unforgettable table and chairs of stone-transformer

Mobile seating area. Modeled on a four-poster bed, put on wheels for ease of movement. If necessary, splits, forming several beds with drawers for storage.

Unique corner sofa assembled

Chic sofa unassembled

Set of wicker furniture. During warmer months, it is taken out into the yard, and when there is no need, compactly installed in the pantry.

Chairs transformers assembled

Chairs transformers unassembled

Creative furniture: hybrid billiard and dining table.

Unusual table with a niche for a game of billiards in the assembled

Unusual table with a niche for a game of billiards in the unassembled

Four in one.

A cool collection of chairs assembled

A cool collection of chairs unassembled

With such a door can perfectly play ping-pong on a break in the office.

Door-transformer to play table tennis

Stand for flowers - rack with retractable drawers.

Practical step-boxes

Wall cabinet with an interesting form of doors and hinged lid, which turns into a workspace.

Wall-box computer desk

Multifunctional chair-bed.

Amazing chair bed

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