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Wall House, which comes to life after the rain

Wall House, which is "alive" after the rain.

Vertical gardens today are verypopular. Every day architects are new variations of plants decorating the walls of houses. South Korean company in the construction of the building is designed with the so-called panel of "pockets". At first glance, they look boring and faceless, but that until then, until it starts to rain. After a while the walls are transformed, becoming a canvas on which to appear green, yellow and purple pattern in the form of flowers.

Design project of the South Korean company OA: Lab.

Knowing that people like to decorate their homes with plants, architects Korean firm OA: Lab We decided to use this when designing the next order. Cteny GRC are made entirely monophonic, but with small bumps resembling pockets (Pocket Panel).

House with a vertical garden.

House c Pocket Panel - panels with cells for plants.

On the outer walls of the house does not make anychanges as long as it starts to rain. After some time of "pockets" appear real flowers which become unique decor on the facade of the house. The fact that in each of the cells of plants planted seeds needed. The convex shape only helps to collect moisture, promotes sprouting flowers.

House with a vertical garden.

Pocket Panel - wall plant cell.

Vertical gardens are created not only for beauty but also for practical purposes. They are designed to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the metropolitan areas. For example, in Sydney (Australia) has been realized construction the highest skyscraper in the world of vertical gardens.

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