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The village, where all the houses are built from plastic bottles

Plastic Bottle Village - the village where the houses are built out of plastic bottles.

Several years ago, the Canadian Robert Bizot (Robert Bezeau) Moved to live in one of the tiny islandsnear Panama. The man has repeatedly pointed out that the coast is literally littered with discarded bottles from under water and sugary drinks. Some time later, Bizot found the use of the mountains of plastic and decided to build an entire village using empty bottles as the main building material.

Project Canadian Robert Bizot.

On the island of Colon archipelago of Bocas del Toro will soon be the world's first village, the house which will be constructed of plastic (Plastic Bottle Village). The initiator of this project was Canadian Robert Bizot. The first house of the village is ready and already finishes the construction of the next, two-story mansion.

The house out of plastic bottles.

Construction technology is quite simple: Empty bottles are stacked in interconnected wire mesh and then placed in steel frames. Then do the wiring work and summarize all the necessary communications. The resulting wall is covered with concrete mortar. At the final stage the wall plaster, insert windows and doors and make the roof.

On the one-storey house it took more than 10 thousand plastic bottles.

Robert Bizot said that for the construction offirst house took more than 10 thousand bottles. Enthusiast noted that such housing has good thermal insulation and does not require installation of the air conditioner. In addition, it is seismic resistance.

A two-storey house out of plastic bottles.

The interior of the house built from plastic bottles.

Under the future village allocated 33.5 hectares. It is planned that in this area will be built from 90 to 120 houses. In addition to residential homes Bizot wants to build a pavilion for yoga and shop.

Plastic Bottle Village - a village where all the houses are built out of plastic bottles.

Another bold experiment with alternative building materials was house made of cardboard. Its installation and connection of communications takes only one day.

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