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The facades of the houses of the siding: features, photos

The facades of the houses of the siding: features, photos

If you decide to decorate your house fast, inexpensive, but practical, and so, to repair or change the finish would have to not be soon, it is necessary to consider the options of siding facades.

This modern finishing material is easy touse, easy to install, and it is relatively inexpensive. There are several kinds of siding, and to make the right choice should be clear differences between them.

siding of the house facade

siding of the house facade

Materials saydingovyh panels:

  • vinyl,
  • metallic,
  • fiber cement,
  • basement.

Each of the types of finishing materials have advantages and disadvantages, and their field of use.

siding of the house facade


It looks like a building board. Facades finished with vinyl siding, suitable for almost any architectural style.

In a lot of advantages of vinyl:

  • durability - can serve more than half a century;
  • resistance to adverse weather conditions and varying temperatures in a wide range;
  • a large selection of different colors;
  • environmental security - not flammable, does not react with aggressive substances;
  • surface no condensation occurs;
  • It does not require additional processing and dyeing;
  • not subject to corrosion;
  • easy to clean;
  • relatively inexpensive material.

A variety of facades of private housesSiding is achieved not only by a rich color palette of the material, but also due to different directions of laying plastic "boards", "herringbone", horizontal or vertical stripes. Very popular bar among homeowners called "board ship."

facade of a private house siding

facade of a private house siding


Siding made of metal has a higher cost,than vinyl. But it does have its pluses. First of all, of siding facades, executed in metal, very unusual look, and even turn a typical house in the original structure. It serves as a siding less than vinyl - no more than 35 years. By the temperature extremes it is insensitive, most can withstand the harsh climate.

The main advantages of metal siding:

  • possible installation in both vertical and horizontal directions;
  • completing different variety;
  • and the locks, and the panels are very reliable;
  • installation of metal siding can be done on any surface and at any time of the year;
  • choice of coloring material is quite wide.

facade of a private house siding

fiber cement

Facades finished with fiber cement siding,have one characteristic feature - it allows the color of the surface, ie, after a time, you can change the color of your home without spending money.

Fiber cement - an artificial material naturalorigin. For its production of cement and cellulose fibers are blended, adding special binders and water. The resulting mixture dries, becomes high strength, water and fire resistance, also this material is not affected by insects, unlike wood.

Caring for fiber cement siding is simple - it is easy to clean with water and a mild detergent.

facade of a private house siding


In the market of materials for the facades of private houses have become very popular siding panels that mimic the natural wood.

  • For example, Siding "Balance Beam" allows anystructure quickly turned into a rustic log cabin, with one significant difference: the walls will not crack and crack, they will never need to be painted or treated with antiseptic.
  • Siding "Beam" allows you to simulate the structure of the timber, but it is deprived of its negative qualities: resistant to moisture, non-flammable, no infestation wood borers.


The facades of the houses of the siding will look evenbest if used in the decoration of the cap recently appeared material: panel under a rock or brick. Ground "stone" siding suitable for any architectural style, protects the base from destruction, has an attractive appearance and protects the building from the effects of adverse weather conditions.

Ground siding thicker conventional wall siding, used for finishing the basement of the building, as well as for covering the entire building.

Species ground siding very much,it is easy to install, it is a long time - the sum of these qualities and is responsible for its popularity among homeowners. The price range for it is quite significant in the market - there are low cost options, there are also more expensive, designed for exquisite taste and a fat wallet.

And stone, and wood, and brick, and evenhouse from the concrete slabs may have facades decorated with siding. Ground siding will not only improve the appearance of buildings, but also reliably protected against damage and moisture penetration, which gradually destroys the concrete and cement.

facade of a private house siding

facade of a private house siding

The facades of private homes of siding canconvert standard cottage village, where all the houses are indistinguishable from one another, in an elegant town in which every house - is unique and original. Of all currently available on the market finishing materials siding - the most practical and durable. It will not only make the house attractive in appearance, but also insulate it, protect from temperature and moisture changes.

facade of a private house siding

facade of a private house siding The facades of the houses of the siding: features, photo 1 The facades of the houses of the siding: features, photo 2 The facades of the houses of the siding: features photo-3

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