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"Modern style" is a revival of old andThe invention of new artistic images, high-tech approaches to construction and those that are commonly called "well-forgotten old". The common properties unite all this variety - ergonomics and the possibility of self-expression (ie freedom and available means for the formation of an individual habitat), simplification of forms (direct parallel or zigzag lines) and a combination of innovative (aerated concrete, tempered glass) and traditional building materials Brick, stone, concrete, wood, metal).

To a greater extent this was reflected in the construction of private houses, villas and residences.

And yet the architecture of the 21st century is mainlyBased on the foundation of ideas laid down in the past century, when many currents and trends were developed, which have not lost their attractiveness and relevance to this day. Without claiming the completeness of the description, let us dwell on some of them.

  • The main advantage of a suburbanResidence - the spaciousness and comfort of each room, including the kitchen. The house uses geothermal heating / cooling, organized collection and use of rainwater. Due to the special design of the roof and the large area of ​​the glazing, natural solar energy is used as much as possible. From the open terraces and through the panoramic windows you can admire the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

  • Modern two-level house with largeGlazed areas, which allows you to admire the spectacular beauty of the lake, rocky coast and coniferous forest. The building consists of two zones - open (living room with kitchen and dining room) and closed (bedroom and sanitary unit). The internal premises are lined with wooden panels, the exterior - corrugated metal siding.

  • This modern house is distinguished by clearHorizontal and vertical planes. The high entrance visually flows into the window on the second level. Glass and concrete are supplemented with panels made of wood. Plantings - trees, bushes and grass - are part of the basic design that softens the rigor of geometric shapes.
  • Unity of the interior and surrounding landscape withThe swimming pool and the garden are reached thanks to the sliding glazed walls of the main facade and the floor surface that extends beyond the boundaries of the house. The project of the Thai house can well be adapted to our latitudes due to the orientation of the main facade to the south, energy-saving double-glazed windows and a well-considered thermal insulation system.
  • An open house for a country holiday, whichConsists of a one-storey living room with access to a terrace and a two-storey residential block. Exterior finish - metal siding. Due to the large area of ​​the glazing, the impression of a complete fusion of the interior with the environment is created. The picturesque panorama makes the dwelling more expensive and elite.
  • New Zealand project of a single-level dwelling in the style of minimalism for a family with 3 children and a built-in office. The sliding walls allow to unite the interiors and the courtyard into a single whole.
  • A modern house in the style of minimalism, where the main role in the illumination system is played by natural light. To build the building used local building materials - wood, stone.
  • An inclined relief of the terrain determined the external appearance of the building - stepped, three-level.
  • A beautiful house in minimalist style is well inscribed in a picturesque landscape. Architectural priorities are the simplicity and efficiency of simple lines and geometric shapes.
  • The house in the plan has the form of a rectangle. The interior layout is open. High ceilings and large windows fill the space with natural light. Sliding glass doors combine the internal and external environment.
  • From the flat roofs and walls there is an exciting mountain panorama with a deep gorge.
  • Comfortable two-storey house in a modern style,Designed for a small family with children, is built of wood and gray concrete. Impresses lightness and strength at the same time. The entrance to the house is located in the center. The house is adjoined by a part of the garage. Glass doors lead to the backyard with a luxurious lawn, which is maintained in perfect condition. The area in front of the house is covered with a wide tile and is equipped with a small fireplace, where in the evenings you can build a fire and relax in a pleasant company.
  • Panoramic glazing of the main facade turnsLiving room in a kind of terrace. Double-glazed windows with opening panels located at the bottom, perfectly ventilate the air, maintain a balanced heat exchange. In addition, such a design is especially necessary for the taste of domestic pets, who can at any time go for a walk, and after unhindered return to the house.
  • Luxurious modern house, from which windowsOffers stunning views of the hills and valley. The facade is decorated with traditional white plaster and expensive cedar siding. The black color of the window frames on the outside fulfills an additional decorative function, with the internal - it makes the incoming natural light visually brighter and more intense. Exotic plants surrounding the house from all sides, are part of the overall design of the exterior.
  • Style eclectic combines architecturalDirections rustic and modern. In the decoration of the facade, wood, metal and marble panels were used. The house is built almost on a high hillside, from the panoramic windows an unreal beautiful view opens and gives the impression of hovering over the treetops.
  • A modern one-storey house with a patio. Sliding doors and windows participate in the ventilation and illuminating system. In the open state create the unity of the internal and external space, decorated with laconic means of landscape design.
  • Guest two-level house in a modern style. Downstairs there is a concrete garage for 4 cars, upstairs there are rooms with glazed walls that allow guests to admire the view of the well-groomed courtyard.
  • A modern eco house with solar panels onTerrace. A wooden fence delineates the territory adjacent to the building and is in harmony with the facade decoration, in which the black and white panels give an impression of sophistication and balance.
  • Private house in the elite urban area. The supporting frame is made of bricks. Wall openings are filled with double-glazed windows. On the roof terrace, which offers a picturesque view of the surrounding area. In the interior decoration of the ceiling and floor used expensive varieties of wood - cedar and walnut. In the basement there are two garages. A high staircase leads to the living area. The site in front of the building is paved with sidewalk tiles, in color, combined with the tone of the facade. An important part of the exterior - carefully selected green plantations, the beauty of which in the evening is emphasized by means of decorative lighting.
  • The influence of Japanese architectural traditionsManifested in the design of this modern house. Wide sliding glass walls connect the living room with a patio, where a stone hearth of a unique design is arranged. From high panoramic windows, natural light streams come into the room. When the sun shines particularly brightly, the shadow is created with the help of a shoji of fine rice paper, stretched over wooden or bamboo frames.
  • In finishing the exterior of a modern one-story buildingHouses used traditional building materials - sandstone, wood, glass. Particularly beautiful are the wide concrete paths, consisting of large square plates surrounded by a thin roll-up lawn around the perimeter.
  • A steep slope of the hill determined a uniqueThe construction of a modern house. On the north side of the entrance is a modest one-story building, with a southern one - a three-story composition with dominant vertical and horizontal straight lines. The rooms have direct access to the terraces. The protruding glass cube on the east side opens directly into the coniferous forest. The main materials for the construction were monolithic concrete and glass.
  • The fantasy of the customers was the construction of a house inThe tropical style, which they so fond of during numerous trips to exotic lands. The garage and the office are separated from the main building, the flat roof goes far beyond the facade and serves as a canopy for an open terrace. The main building materials are stone, glass, wood and bamboo.
  • Spacious house built of eco-friendlyMaterials - wood, glass and stone. Long wooden ceilings perform carrier and decorative functions. The house has four bedrooms with individual bathrooms. The windows offer a panoramic view of the majestic wooded gorge. Balconies and a large terrace allow you to spend a lot of time in the fresh air.
  • Private mansion built on ecologicalTechnology, includes a single space living room kitchen and dining room, three bedrooms and a built-in garage. In the house maximum use of solar heating, natural light and ventilation. The main materials are wood, bamboo, glass and stone.


Despite the fact that the name of the style "modern"Translated as "modern", its content is more narrow and specific. Belgian architect Victor Horta at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries laid the main features of the new style under the idea of ​​harmony of function and aesthetics. The architectural forms are unusual and asymmetric, decorated with original decorative elements. The internal layout is full of complex turns, ups and downs, the outer one combines the simplicity of straight lines with smooth curved outlines. An important role for decorating the exterior is played by interacting with each other and expensive architectural materials, such as ceramic tiles, stone, pearls, as well as elements of landscape design-forged gratings, arbors, lighting devices, subordinate to a single artistic idea.

For a country house - this is now a very popular option, allowing you to connect the creative ideas of the author of the project and the individual wishes of the customer.


Organic Architecture

Among the numerous style trends andInterpretations the greatest influence on modern preferences was rendered by the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the founders of "organic architecture". According to the basic concept, the natural environment is an important and integral part of the architectural form of the entire structure. A concrete expression of this theory was found in Wright's famous work "The House over the Waterfall," where the flow of water and rock became part of not only the exterior, but also the interior space. Elements of decoration in the decoration of the building inside and outside are completely excluded. Colors - natural, clean, bright. The layout of the interior space is divided into three main zones - a kitchen and a dining room, a bedroom and bathrooms, a central common room connected to the outside by an outwardly extending floor and a glass wall with sliding doors.

Now, to build a house, start by choosingPlot, the value of which is higher the more picturesque the surrounding landscape. And since each panoramic view is unique, its own house will be unique.


Style, whose virtues claimed theirProjects by outstanding architects Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier. Among today's admirers of minimalism are people who value space, comfort, air-filled and light-filled space. The clearness and laconicism of geometric shapes, monochrome and compositions of achromatic shades (white, black, gray) or light pastel tones - this noble beauty is based on solid financial costs associated with the obligatory highest quality of materials used in construction and finishing works.

Country style (rustic)

Formed under the influence of ScandinavianTraditions, the feature of which is the emphasized simplicity of expressive forms. The structure looks like an old peasant house, but spacious, comfortable and comfortable. The main building materials are wood and stone.

Country style (rustic)

High tech

Style "Hi-tech" is intended for people,Looking to the future and already wanting to live in "smart houses", where every detail is functional, and high level of comfort is provided by electronic circuits controlled by lighting, ventilation, heating, sewerage systems, and security of the home. Externally, the architectural appearance of the building resembles the minimalism style - a light color palette, a large amount of glass and radiant chrome surfaces. Household appliances, except for direct purposes, performs a decorative function. In the construction of the idea of ​​energy saving is put forward.

High tech


Surprisingly revived in a new qualityMedieval architectural style half-timbered house, for which is characterized by the presence of a rigid supporting frame of racks, beams and braces. The openings between the frame were filled with clay, construction debris and plastered. The peculiarity of the erection of the building is vertical construction. This method was also taken as a basis in modern execution. The basis of the house, as before, is a frame made of wood, carrying a bearing and decorative function. The fillers are energy-saving double-glazed windows, which form the walls of the house and have a high class of thermal insulation. The large-scale glazing of the facade widens the boundaries of the house - removing the visual boundaries between the interior and the surrounding landscape. Beams are not sewn - they remain visible in the interior and exterior. Layout - a single space kitchen, dining room, living room without walls and partitions. The remaining are the zones of the bedroom and bathrooms. Despite the general principles of construction, each project is unique, as it is created for the individual needs of the customer.

Every year, the number of people whoEnthusiasm and joy build their own individual homes to their liking, instead of using typical projects, can be well thought out and tested, but still designed for mass sale.

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