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Simplicity and practicality: a cottage with a vertical observation tower

Tower House - cottage with a vertical turret.

Buying land for the construction of their homeswith scenic views, least of all want to be surrounded by tall buildings. That is exactly what happened with the Korean city of Gimhae. Nearby two- and three-story buildings completely shut review. To get out of the situation, architects built in house vertical observation tower.

Multi-level layout of the Korean cottage with a tower.

Architects company ON Architecture drafted Tower House. The standard compact cottage added an unexpected element - high observation tower with a spacious gallery. Now there landlord can observe coveted species.

Wonderful view from the gallery in the observation turret.

Architects provided the customer what heI wanted and even more. The lookout tower is a living room. In addition, the lobby is a gallery where the owner arrange a winter garden and a collection of decorative stones. So, the lobby has become a kind of "center" of the house, connecting all the rooms.

Detached house X-shaped layout with views in all directions.

View from the stone terrace on the first floor.

Architects have designed is not a traditional rectangular "box", but every room they made a separate wing, with views in all directions.

Terrace with access to the living room.

Location of rooms in an X-shaped house is such thatliving room and bedroom on the south side are provided with sunlight during the day. At Tower House also has a terrace in front of the living room. On its configuration influenced elements of traditional Korean architecture.

In neighboring Japan, it is no less interesting building with original architecture. Studio Double Negatives Architecture designed Asymmetrical house in "minimalist" style. When developing the project designers useda special computer program that calculated the shape and parameters of the building with a view of the hilly topography, areas of sunlight and air flow.

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