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House with a protective screen from prying neighbors

The house with a roof-screen TV in Singapore.

More recently, an architectural studio A D lab completed construction of a house inSingapore. Residence located in the district, which is dominated by semi-detached houses built in the 1970s. That is why the angular shape of the new two-storey mansion has created a stark contrast with the local architecture.

Architectural project from the studio A D Lab.

A feature of the house was the roof, which hascontinuation in the form of shelter, hiding part of the house with a terrace on the street side. Such a "faceted" design is an original interpretation of roofs, traditional for this quarter. The canopy also serves as a screen behind which hides a cozy courtyard with a swimming pool.

Residential house in Singapore.

Mansion from the studio A D Lab. Living room.

On the first floor the floors are made of bright marble. The sun's rays are reflected from the polished surface, will produce a sufficient amount of natural light. In the living room there are large sliding glass doors that provide access to the pool.

Mansion from the studio A D Lab. Interior.

On the second floor interior is more "warm" colors scheme. Elements of decor and furniture made of natural wood and carpet create a sense of comfort in the rooms.

Mansion from the studio A D Lab. rest room

Mansion from the studio A D Lab. Interior.

The original residential building in Singapore.

Protective screens on the facades of buildings - a popular trend nowadays. For example, in South Korea, a family with five cats wished to obtain house with a lattice screen. Slats set at a particular angle, protecting hosts from overexposure to the sun in the summer, and, on the contrary, allowing the rays to penetrate into the room in winter.

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