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House of Travel: accommodation, converted from old bus

The Nomads Bus - a mobile house, converted from an old school bus.

While some adventurers are buying for yourselfHomes to always be in comfort, others do more creative. For example, a family of three has acquired for himself an old school bus and remade his current home. Now we can say that the expression "all its carried with me" - that's for sure about them.

Bus, a converted married couple Valerie Cook and Tim Boffe.

Spouses Cook Valerie (Valerie Cook) and Tim Boffa (Tim Boffe) bought an old school bus and converted it into a home on wheels (The Nomads Bus). 10-meter modernized transport has become a real home for travelers.

The Nomad House - home on the bus.

The total cost of the bus conversion of conjugala pair of $ 32 000. The rooftop solar panels, which provide full electricity needs. Inside the body is sheathed special insulating material, which not only keeps you warm, but also regulate the humidity. Besides family trying to minimize the emission of carbon.

The Nomad House - home on the bus.

In addition to the living space in the bus plenty of room to store sports equipment: surfboards, skis, mountain bikes.

The Nomad House. Sleeps.

In the bus, there are six comfortable beds,so the couple gladly accept for yourself on board wanting to ride through the scenic. Night bus The Nomad Bus will cost each of 61 US dollar. The hosts allow you to use the kitchen, shower and toilet.

The Nomad House. Kitchen.

The Nomad House. Bus, converted into a home for traveling.

No less interesting it turned bus rework option another couple. All repairs made husband and wife own.

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