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Design log home: exterior and interior trim

Design log home: exterior and interior trim

Design of wooden houses from logs maintained inmodern "rustic" style - bright, imaginative, very comfortable and functional. Round logs was material that the outside and inside of the house gives it a unique charm.

Exterior finish

On top of the house is covered with tiles of metal, lined with stone plinth part. Bright red frame and door are juicy decorative accent, giving the exterior of the uniqueness of the house.

design wooden house from logs

design wooden house from logs

Additional elements for the decoration chosenthemselves owners of the house themselves, tender love for the Russian past which made them very carefully to take this choice. Cartwheel on the porch, antique samovars, shelves on forged brackets - all this underlines the selected style and makes the fragrance of time.

design garden in a wooden house from logs

design garden in a wooden house from logs

design garden in a wooden house from logs

In the evening, a terrace lighted lamps in antique style, hanging from the ceiling.

terraces coverage in the wooden house from logs


Interior decoration is very simple log house- Most of the walls left without coating, leaving the logs show their natural color and texture. Even in areas with high humidity of the walls - no closed timber.

1st floor


interior of a log house: entrance hall

interior of a log house: staircase

Kitchen and dining area

Between the kitchen and the dining room wall there, theyseparated by only visually - on the border is a kitchen island. The dining area was dominated by a homemade table: on podstolya of cast iron fortified large pine table top. Chairs in the work and in the dining area ordered from the same manufacturer.

interior of a log house: the kitchen

interior of a log house: kitchen-dining room

interior of a log house: kitchen-dining room

interior of a log house: kitchen-dining room

In the spaces at the window from both sides set showcases white - they are simple in form, and low price. They are a collection of antiques lovingly replenished hosts.

interior of a log house: kitchen-dining room

Living room

Everything in the design of wooden houses from logssubordinated to one idea: to make it comfortable and cozy. Its interior is simple, and at the same time is unusual. The floors in the living room at first glance seem to be tiled in different shades, but in fact they are made of larch boards. Boards are painted in two tones - milk and dark gray.

interior of a log house: living room

Unusually decorated and a sofa area: one large sofa replace two middle set diagonally - in the direction of "tiles" on the floor. Comfortable sofas for seating, and at night they can be expanded to form an additional guest room to sleep.

interior of a log house: living room

Work zone

Large desk near the window allows you to stay in comfort and old scores on the wall are decorative pointer purpose of this corner.

interior log home: study

2 floor

The design of the upper part of the house more gentle, calmcompared with the first, which is natural - because here are the private spaces intended for recreation. The partitions between the rooms - plasterboard, mounted on a metal frame.

Interior decoration of a log house on the secondfloor was carried out taking into account the fact that the roof has a significant slope. But the effect of "lofts" spoiled room, but on the contrary, has made an additional charming accent to the interior.


The master bedroom has a wall near the head of the bedpapered with black and white prints depicting flowers. Wrought headboard continues the print pattern on the wallpaper. small dressing rooms are on both sides of the bed, the entrance to which is closed light door of stacked rods - a decision that is characteristic for the country style, especially in the South of France.

interior log house bedroom

black-and-white print with flowers on the wallpaper in the bedroom

a chest of drawers in the attic bedroom

Vintage bedroom decor

children's room

Since the three children in the family, from the bedsidecabinets had to be abandoned - their functions are carried out a niche on the headboard. Between the two beds white door of the same design as in the bedroom and adult family members, hiding behind a storage system.

Part of the walls of a children's make no closedlogs, and some papered with bright floral wallpaper. Decor in the "rustic" style striped "track" on the floor - an indispensable accessory of any country-bedrooms.

interior of a log house: children's room

interior of a log house: children's room


Even the bathroom has log walls, and itIt looks very original. This decision was made possible thanks to the use of specific products, giving the wood humidity. The walls near the bath and sink partially tiled and partially plastered wallpaper water-resistant vinyl. Conch predict wrought base created from a sketch by the hostess.

interior of a log house: bathroom

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