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Cabin, reworked from the hopper: a free shelter for the night

Bivak na Prehodavcih - hut for climbers at night.

High in the mountains in the national park Triglav, Slovenia (Slovenia's Triglav National Park) Appeared the original hut for climbers. She converted from a dilapidated bunker during World War II. Now, those who stayed on the snow-covered top before dark, will be able to spend the night in the shelter.

Architectural project of Premica Architects.

Architects company Premica Architects We implemented the construction of huts (Bivak na Prehodavcih). As a basis specialists used the bunker ruins 100 years ago. Given the difficult climatic and geographical conditions, all building materials were delivered by helicopter.

Bivak na Prehodavcih - a haven for climbers (Slovenia).

Hopper became a concrete base for the cabin. Exterior design trimmed with aluminum panels PREFA, which fits perfectly into the building in a rocky landscape and protect the shelter from snow and wind.

Bivak na Prehodavcih. Inside view.

Inside the shelter is made of cross-laminated timber panels. They are durable and yet weighs slightly. In addition, the LPC panels can be installed quickly.

Hut Bivak na Prehodavcih intended only to ensure that travelers could spend the night in it. Lighting is done by solar panels on the roof.

Bivak na Prehodavcih - hut in the Triglav National Park (Slovenia).

The Julian Alps in Italy and can be found overnight. But, to get to the shelter, you need to climb to an altitude of 2500 meters.

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