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Beautiful fences for infield

Enclosures on the plot haveMulti-purpose. The main function of the fence was and remains protective. With its help, the owners try to limit the access of strangers to their territory. In addition, with the help of fences, space is zoned both inside the site and separating it from neighboring ones.

Fence from horizontal boards

Fence from horizontal boards

The decorative function is also importantFence. A variety of ways of making and decorating allows you to achieve an amazing effect. The main criteria for constructing a good hedge are the material and the method of construction.


Wooden fence made of fine elements


Wooden fence made of fine elements


Wooden fence

Varieties of materials for hedges and their properties

A lot of materials can be used to build a dividing wall:

  • tree;
  • brick;
  • Metal mesh or bars;
  • concrete;
  • Corrugated board and much more.

Fence made of natural wood for centuriesDoes not lose its popularity. Despite the high price for structural elements made of high-quality wood, such a hedge will have an attractive appearance due to its naturalness. You can collect boards and bars in various ways:

  • fence;
  • Ladder;
  • Wood shingles;
  • Tyn (plaited);
  • Palisade;
  • Planken.


Beautiful fences for infield


Beautiful fences for infield


Beautiful fences for infield


Beautiful fences for infield

To modern products can be attributed a composite ofWood with a polymer. This fence will last longer than clean wood. At the same time, it requires less care, is not afraid of temperature changes and sunlight. The appearance of such a design is not inferior to analogs from other sources. At the same time, wood will require its owner careful care: treatment with antiseptic, painting, varnishing. This is due to the lower endurance of the material compared to brick or metal.


Beautiful fences for infield

Pros of the material in its availability and functionality. The shortcomings are short-lived and difficult care.

The fence, made of bricks, will allowMaximally close its territory from uninvited guests. If the design idea allows you to build a fortress around the site, then this material will best ensure the safety of the object.

White wooden fence

Beautiful fences for infield

Positive features of such a design will beSimple care, no cost and time. Brick makes it possible to build different in appearance of the structure, making the fence original. The fence built of this material will last for many years. Negative characteristics include high cost and the need to prepare a solid foundation.

Profiled sheeting, chosen as a material forFence manufacturing, is also characterized by a number of advantages. A large number of varieties, classified according to the size of the waves, color, texture, gives the opportunity to choose the ideal option. In addition, this fence is simply installed and is relatively inexpensive. At the same time the fence is able to last more than 30 years. The disadvantages can be considered unpresentable appearance. This problem can be solved by combining the corrugated board with more noble materials.

Dark fence made of thin slats

Beautiful fences for infield

Concrete slabs as a fence will giveMaximum protection against penetration by strangers. In this case, the appearance of such plates will require some refinement. Modern varieties - euroframes - gained some attractiveness as a result of additions to concrete, but they were significantly weakened in strength. The advantages of the product include a small price, simple installation and the ability to give it an original look. The length of use of such a design is limited to a hundred years. Negative characteristics include the need to use special equipment for installing slabs.

The metal mesh is quite reliableMeans of protecting the site from outsiders. The bars of this fence are often covered with PVC. The service life of such a product will be up to 30 years. Among the advantages is the possibility of using near garden plants because of the absence of a dense shadow. At the same time, such a screen can not be protected from outside views.


Beautiful fences for infield


Beautiful fences for infield

There are other types of metal fences:

  • Forged;
  • Openwork;
  • From a metal profile;
  • Palisade of metal rods and others.

Using metal to make a fence, you can eventually get a real work of art.


Beautiful fences for infield

A variety of ideas for plotting a plot with a fence

Before choosing a kind of fence,It is necessary to remember that a high fence casts a shadow on the beds. If the site is populated by cultivated plants, then this effect can have a very negative impact on their growth. This does not apply to openwork transparent structures of metal or mesh-netting.

To ensure that the fence does not spoil the appearanceSite, and has become a beautiful decorative addition, it is worthwhile to put a little imagination or refer to the help of a professional designer. Even the simplest wooden fence can become an ornament on the site and the pride of the owner.


Beautiful fences for infield


Beautiful fences for infield


Beautiful fences for infield

Color paint can create a miracle and from the dullStockings make a bright and cheerful fence. Some waste products such as old tires or cans can become a decorative addition for such a fence. Elegance of the site will add a white fence. It attracts attention and refreshes the situation.


Beautiful fences for infield

Unusual will look like a fence with verticalComponents of different lengths. To ensure that the fence does not look deaf, but at the same time protects from extraneous views, it is possible to combine opaque elements with transparent ones. For example, the lower part can remain deaf, and the upper one can be executed from lace designs.

For the zoning of space within the site, a lattice fence can be used. This design will also be an excellent basis for the interlacing of "creeping" plants.


Beautiful fences for infield

The design of some arbors and pergolasInvolves merging with a fence on the site. To the resulting structure does not look cumbersome it can be painted white and used for decorating climbing plants.

Fences in country style or country perfectlySuitable for green areas, as close to their natural image as possible. Such fences will not cope with the protective functions in full, but the decorative effect will be stunning.


Beautiful fences for infield

Variety of materials and methods of assembling fencesGive the opportunity to their owners to give the site exactly the kind and mood that the owner of the farm wanted to achieve. With a little effort and imagination, you can get in return a subject of pride and a highlight of landscape design, which will be remembered for a long time by all visitors to the infield.

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