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Back to basics: the house, integrated into a cave

Cuevas del Pino - house, built in a cave.

Life in the caves is becoming more fashionable. Spanish architects also decided to support this trend and introduced a residential house built in natural limestone cavity. Minimalist interior compensates for unusual walls, left almost intact.

Architectural design studio Spanish UMMO Estudio.

Architectural studio UMMO Estudio completed work on the construction of a dwelling house (Cuevas del Pino), Partially integrated directly into the limestone cave, located in the foothills of the Sierra Morena near Córdoba (Spain). Previously hollow geological formation used as a refuge wandering shepherds, now transformed into a modern cave house.

Cuevas del Pino. Interior.

Cuevas del Pino. Living room.

Large area of ​​104 square metersIt allowed the architects to create a comfortable and practical living space. Designer admit that they have been tempted to use for finishing the house contrasting ultra-modern materials, but then would disappear general "mood" at home, the feeling of closeness to nature.

Cuevas del Pino. Bedroom.

For flooring used in concrete and marble,while natural wood adds a "warm" interior. Still, the main element of decoration are the limestone walls, left almost intact.

Cuevas del Pino. WC.

Cuevas del Pino - Cave House is located in the foothills of the Sierra Morena (Spain).

The Spanish Setenil de las Bodegas under the stone arches in the caves is not just a house, and the whole city. Huge cliffs hovering over the narrow streets, threatening to destroy buildings. In the newly arrived tourist there is an irresistible desire - to jump out to an open space away from the low rock.

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