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Away from the bustle of the city: Cave House

Cliff Haven - home in the cave.

More recently auctioned unusual house was put up. It is built directly in a cave in a picturesque canyon (Utah, USA). For those who want to escape from the bustle of the city is - perfect.

Cliff Haven - house built inside a natural cave.

House Cliff Haven located in the canyon Montezuma Canyon, thattwenty minutes from the city of Monticello. At first glance, one might think that his isolation is continuous inconvenience. But actually it is not.

Cliff Haven. Living room.

The house is self-sufficient and has committed alltechnical equipment needed for a comfortable stay. Solar energy is sufficient to form, in addition, the house has a backup generator for emergencies. rainwater collection system allows the use of a liquid for watering a small garden adjacent to the housing. Behind the house dug a tunnel that provides natural air circulation.

Cliff Haven. Living room.

The living area is 195 square meters. It is a living room with kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Nearby is the garage, which is enough space for three cars.

Cliff Haven Kitchen.

Despite the fact that the home was built in 1986, and today it looks very impressive.

Cliff Haven. Bedroom.

Cliff Haven. Garage.

To date, built in the caves - it is not uncommon. People are happy to spend time in
these amazing modern caves.

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