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300-year-old house unprepossessing from the outside but stunning inside

300 year old house - ugly on the outside but cool inside the unreal.

In the south-west of England in the county of Cornwallthere is a house, which was built 300 years ago. In the eyes immediately catch the gray walls, small windows, low doorway. We have to admit that from the outside the house looks clumsy, but it is necessary to cross its threshold, the view of the home is changing dramatically.

House in Cornwall, which is more than 300 years.

This historic house was built in 1680. More recently, it bought the young married couple, transformed into a charming cozy nest.

Working on the creation of the interior, the designers have toIt had to solve several tasks with which they are faced. 300 years ago, the small window openings do not allow heat to leave the house. But it fell into a limited number of rooms natural light, making the house always was dim. To cope with this problem, it was decided to make the interior in bright colors. Rooms painted white, and the elements of furniture and decor in pastel shades.

300 year old house. Living room.

The main decoration of the living room is an ancientfireplace. He was kept almost intact. But, according to the rules of fire safety, it imposed a niche in refractory materials and put the glass door. Another authentic element in the room - a large wooden chest, which now serves as a table.

300 year old house. Kitchen.

In contrast to the living room in the kitchen all decorated bylatest technology. While maintaining the overall "mood" of the house. In addition to these rooms, 300-year old mansion is parents' bedroom and children's room.

300 year old house. Bedroom.

300 year old house. Bathroom.

The owners have decided to share its comfort with others, and now anyone can rent a house for rent.

300 year old house. Facade.

No less interesting transformation undergone rural house in Belgium. Facade designers left the same, but the design of the job thoroughly.

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