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House of Caterpillar House metal in Chile

Located in the commune of Lo Barnechea, SantiagoChile, this modern house "looks" down on a mountain landscape, opening up spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. House of metal, glass and wood under the name Caterpillar House was designed for the collector and his family. Its construction was mainly to solve two problems: first, the integration of the house in this part of town in which the presence of the Andes Mountains affects not only visually, but also tectonically and also make the Andes visible background. Second, let the air from the outside to move freely around the house.

House of Caterpillar House metal in Chile

In the photo the house of Caterpillar House metal in Chile

By creating an exceptional concept and design, designerstrategically integrated area is attached to the house. He arranged the blocks at home as if they were just lying on the slope, joining them all together. So, the house design repeats the slope of terrain, ranging from the entrance and ending with children's bedrooms. Bedrooms, completion of the long room "containers", so here you can do something special, and this took the designer, an unusual element is the window in these rooms. Now let's take a tour of the house and look at photos of the interior and exterior of the house closer Caterpillar House.

This photograph emphasizes the geometric shape blocks home.

House of metal 1 photo

The combination of wood and glass perfectly underlined here with panoramic views in the background.

House Photo 2 of metal

For more comfort, a small pool set on the lower level. While in the cool water of a small pool, the owner can also enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding neighborhood.

House of metal photo pool

Concurrent design and a combination of glass, wood and metal are the main elements of the house.

House Photo 4 of metal

The living room is a lot of natural light and fresh air to the owner could easily feel the richness of nature, especially in the morning.

House of living metal photo

The dark brown color palette with accents of silver gives this kitchen a more classic and modern style.

House of metal photo kitchen

The kitchen is spacious enough, you can move around freely, performing household chores.

House made of metal - kitchen

The exterior can be seen from here, climbing up the stairs.

House of metal photo stairs to the second floor

From the second floor, see the other elements of the interior, offering comfort and style.

House of metal photo metal stairs

The master bedroom shows the different lines, shapes and textures.

House made of metal Photo bedroom

In the daytime, the sun's rays easily penetrate into the children's bedroom, even with the window closed.

House of metal photos of children's bedrooms

Black and white color gamut together with the glass and the newest design make the bathroom much more modern.

House of metal photo bathroom

One of the best seats in the house, where the owner can just sit and relax, looking at the beautiful scenery.

House of metal photo terrace

Artificial lighting, which, by the way, is filled with the entire interior plays an important role in the attraction even at night at home.

House made of metal - night lights

As you can see, the intermediate space betweencontainers increased the perimeter of the house, allowing natural light and air to move freely around the house. The very construction of the house consisted of several stages, the first stage set the load-bearing walls to create a common area of ​​horizontal space. On the second - completed installation for private areas of containers.

Containers covered with a special material,through which all look not only organically, but also practical, ventilated facade maintains the temperature of the interior. And of course the architectural elements, windows and doors, they are repeated throughout the house. So to minimize the cost, along with the integration into the overall architecture of the house. Thus, the architectural studio Sebastian Irarrazaval able to realize all your goals and ideas in the creation of design and Caterpillar House home concept.

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