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House of the containers for the first time received a certificate of acceptance into operation in New York City

New York City Department of HousingFebruary 28 this year issued the first certificate of a house built from discarded shipping containers. Designer, the customer and the project was Bertomen Michel, professor of architecture at the New York Institute of Technology, and her husband, David Boyle.

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In 2008, the couple bought landplot area of ​​20x40 feet in Williamsburg (Brooklyn Area). It is estimated that the construction of a conventional, typical house on this plot will require investment of at least half a million dollars, the couple decided to purchase three decommissioned cargo container at the price of $ 1,500 apiece. Combining three metal box flight of stairs, they got a living space of about 150 square meters, but in the process of construction and finishing of the project has attracted the attention of the city Department of Housing, and the couple have been charged with a variety of restrictions and a ban on further construction and operation of the home.

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The project cost is estimated at about spouses300 000 dollars, not counting the additional 100,000 who went to the settlement of legal formalities and implementation of building department requirements. Containers are insulated environmentally insulator Super Term, and outside are painted with special paint, blocking the sun's rays and prevents excessive heating of the metal. For floor heating in the house is equipped with a water circuit.

House of the containers inside

The house is supposed to be used as a non-profit guest house for students and musicians and make it part of the urban social projects aimed at improving the standard of living in Williamsburg.

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