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House made of containers - from the monsters in the handsome

Individual design houses of the containers inSan Jose (Costa Rica) demonstrates the importance of aesthetics and harmony construction in creating a comfortable space for life and life-affirming promises that the beautiful life is possible even when strictly limited budget.

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The concept of this house was originally statedclear: all the best for the most modest money. That is why the architect chose to frame housing. However, justified in terms of the architectonic solution is highly controversial from an aesthetic point of view: industrial design and the cold steel of the container is not associated with comfort and beauty. However, we are witnessing an incredible, wonderful metamorphosis!

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The design consists of two freight containerswith a base 12x2 meters installed in parallel on concrete stilts. The space between the two blocks - an open corridor leading to the outside terrace. Two concrete staircases are made to the standard model of a given symmetry of the composition and indicate the entrances to the house. The total construction area, therefore, amounted to 93 sq.m.

The physical constraints imposed by the geometry andcontainer properties, successfully transformed into advantages. The open space between the blocks is used as a public area and includes a living room, dining room and kitchen. Private area - two bedrooms and a bathroom - located in the former container, which provide them with a secluded and no unauthorized access.

The bright orange color of the facade is balanceddominant in the interiors of white. The flooring is made of wood, and this design choice makes the visitor to completely forget that it is "only" about collecting container house. Huge windows in the height of construction gives the building a modern and sleek look.

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