Houses made of container

The container hut from Holyoke

of container house

Located in northern Minnesota, in a small town called Holyoke, this small and comfortable cabin of the containers was created by two very talented brothers Paul and Scott machines.

Container house of Holyoke

After the destruction of the old house, two brothers and theirwife decided to build a new hut - holiday home, to be able to continue to enjoy the ravines, hills, fields and prairies of the property.

Container house of Holyoke

Small budget, extreme weather conditions and hope for the durability of the construction led the brothers to consider the possibility of creating accessible design of shipping containers.

After some sketches and analysis of the construction site, two dvadtsatitonnyh sea container - (5,000 pounds each) were purchased in Minneapolis for $ 800 each.

construction of a house of container

In the absence of electricity and running water, after much movement on the site containers, the brothers managed to create the skeleton of a small house from the containers.

house from container project

While construction is going on, but after its completion in the hut will be a kitchen, dining room, living room, area for washing and clothes, and two king beds.

The container hut from Holyoke

Interior walls and ceilings are decorated with birch plywood, which reminds the original look and feel of the old trailers, as well as a complete system backup lighting 12v and gas light.

The container hut from Holyoke

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