Houses made of container

Bright house of the containers of the project Ruben Rivera Peede

Houses assembled from decommissioned cargocontainers, traditionally attracted the attention of designers, architects and potential customers an inexpensive real estate. Architect Ruben Rivera Peede house designed compact Liray House of the two 40-foot and three 20-foot containers. The house was built in the suburbs of Santiago (Chile).

Bright House photo of Container 1

One of the main reasons for the popularitycontainer house construction in Chile became the seismic stability of the buildings, but the main factor, of course, is their low price. Thus, the implementation of Liray House project took three months and cost the customer in the amount of about 75 000 US dollars.

Of the three short containers were collectedliving room and kitchen, and in the long-equipped bedrooms with bathrooms. Containers were raised above ground level, and the resulting cellar is organized as a technical floor with utilities and sanitation.

Bright country house from container Photo 2

The lower part of the container was cut and replacedwooden beams and floor covering. Original steel container door window openings and balcony doors. The contractor installed energy efficient windows, said insulating layer of foamed pulp on the walls and ceiling to eliminate thermal bridges and improving acoustic characteristics and finally sheathed plasterboard walls.

Bright house of container - the project Ruben Rivera Peede

Bright photo of a special containers 3

your home from the containers of the project Ruben Rivera Peede

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