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Wooden pendant lamp - a sample of ecodesign

The original wooden pendant lamp from John Prokario

Wooden hanging lamp in the form of a bent hoop

The man who created this wooden hangingLamp - American designer John Prokario. He is young, but has already become famous for its unusual works - furniture and objects of the interior of the timber. His love of sculpture and light embodied in an extremely simple, yet intricate object called Flux I.

This lamp, as well as other products Prokario,It is unique in that the wood in his way of demonstrating rather unusual for yourself the condition. After all, very few people, looking at the unusual thing that resembles a deformed hoop, suggest that it is made not of metal or PVC, and of much less plastic material.

The light that never to the eye equally from two different viewpoints, further complicates the curved contours of the truly unique chandeliers.

Wooden pendant lamp Flux I - Picture 1

To produce long used Flux Istrips of wood, steamed to make them sufficient flexibility. Special adhesive ensures seamless connection ends of strips, which is why asymmetric ring, which is a kind of lampshade seems continuous. The model in the photo is made of bleached oak.

Wooden pendant lamp Flux I - Picture 2

The glow comes from LED-elements, attachmentsthe wood surface and covered with a layer of acrylic, so it seems that the lampshade emits radiance itself. Only a closer look, you can see where it is laid LED ribbon.

Wooden pendant lamp Flux I - Picture 3

It is not difficult to guess that each of these lamps is unique, so if you want to become the owner of a truly exclusive decoration, hurry to visit John Prokario site.

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