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Wonder Light: balloons by Maarten Baas

Creative lamp: balloons by Maarten Baas

Danish designer Maarten Baas created a frosted stained glass original collection. What looks like this lamp? Balloons, of course!

As part of the cooperation project with the Czech studioLasvit Academy Eindhoven graduate Maarten Baas made the traditional way blow ceiling glass, giving them the shape of a little air-filled balls. In technical terms - it is a unique joint project, uniting tradition of glass-blowing, the company's vision and genius idea Lasvit Maarten Baas.

Clay lamps adorn the top tips to hide the joints with electrical wires. Inside the hidden miniature bulb light scattering.

Through his work the artist attaches us to the classics, to its recognizable silhouette, giving it a modern and often amusing features.

Unique pendant lights from Das Pop collection by Maarten Baas

Each lamp weighs about 3 kg, and is characterizedform from their counterparts due to the nature of production at which the product is blown through a rotating tube with human hands hanging from its end a ball of molten glass. A fascinating spectacle!

Plafonds presented in the dairy, red, green and yellow colors.

It is worth noting that the lamps are made in a singlestyle chandelier that Baas presented at the Milan exhibition in 2015. The exhibit was decorated with shades smaller crowning their clay caps.

Amazing pendant lamps from Das Pop collection by Maarten Baas
Wonderful pendant light from Das Pop collection by Maarten Baas
Beautiful pendant lights from Das Pop collection by Maarten Baas

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