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White table lamp, designed by Sander Bakker

White table lamp by Niki Sander Bakker

Dutch designer Sander Bakker presented in Los Angeles, its latest development - a desk lamp Niki. Her image has allowed the designer to express the fact that he could not express in words.

The lamp became olitstvoreniem love that BakkerI experienced and continues to experience to the recently deceased son. He invested in the project the brightest memories of the boy, trying to create something that would probably have liked it Nicolaas.

Cool bottle Niki lamps by Sander Bakker

Bakker passes the carefree spirit of childhoodby using a pencil as a grotesque leg lamp. According to him, this funny accent certainly will make people smile, no matter what age they are.

Not so clearly emerges another detail - the perforation of one of the decorative leaves in the form of a silhouette of a butterfly. It symbolizes life and loss of time.

Engraved butterfly on the lamp by Niki Sander Bakker

The lamp is available in two versions: legs with colored pencil - for children and those who want to feel like a child; or with shades of natural wood legs with pink eraser tips.

The modular design of the lamp involves self-assembly with the help of detailed instructions. The process does not require additional tools and takes less than 20 minutes.

Pencil with eraser as Niki feet from the lamp by Sander Bakker
Original pencil leg lamp from Niki Sander Bakker

Decorative parts made from white NikiHDPE produced by the primary and secondary processing of plastics. Electrical components meet all the safety standards in force in Europe and North America.

Box by Niki lamps by Sander Bakker

Sander Bakker drew attention to the fact that part of thethe funds received from the sale of his lamp will go to research into the causes and treatment of congenital diaphragmatic hernia - serious illness, which suffered Nicolaas.

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