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Whimsical design futuristic lamps Enso

Unique lamp Enso

Look closely at your surroundings, youYou notice that some things around us a few decades ago seemed an element of science fiction, but now they are a familiar part of our everyday life.

And with the world each year more than meetsamazing innovations that facilitate daily life, have certain features for which we do and appreciate. Today we will speak about the unique lamps called Enso, developed Laokoon.

Lamp Designed by Laokoon
Amazing on the structure and form of the material
Matter created by designer Szentirmai-Joly Zsuzsanna

They are amazing in all: their shape, structure and even the material of which they are made, simply appear unthinkable. The designer from Hungary Szentirmai-Joly Zsuzsanna has created a rare matter, which became the basis for these devices.

Lovely fabric can be made of whichanything, but at the same time have a plastic and flexible structure and used almost everywhere: architecture, fashion. Looking at these lights, you can see how manufactures strip sliding over each other, form a magnificent sculptures.

Plastic cloth material
Unusual coloring table lamp
Bright lights with plastic shapes

The company used this intriguing Laokoonmaterial for the production of exquisite masterpieces that have a clear purpose: to illuminate the space and at the same time add to the interior design of unique plastic forms, bold reflections and futuristic accents.

Small flakes of reflecting light, form the striking beauty extravaganza from which breathtaking.

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