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We let the house of natural light!

Natural living room lighting

Let's fill the room with natural light and a dazzling look at the available options of interior transformation!

Canopy of trees in front of house, deep eaves, tiny window openings and low ceilings do not go to the benefit of residential premises. Venture to increase the amount of natural light?

Adding window

A sufficient number of window designs makes the space visually more spacious and brighter.

Lighting in the living room

The kitchen will look very interestingPanoramic windows, installed in front of the sink or countertop. While cooking dinner, washing dishes or hostess can enjoy the view of well-kept garden and catch the warm rays of the sun.

Pendant lights in the interior of the kitchen

Landing and spans and are asked to add the windows!

Pendant lights in the stairwells
Install skylights or roof construction

Circular openings with a transparent plastic glazing - a great solution for lighting a small corridor on the second floor of the house unusual.

Ceiling lights in the interior hallway

Often the bathroom can not boast of a decent area and an abundance of light. That is why the hatches in the ceiling will fill the interior with natural light.

Wall lights in the interior of the bathroom

The prim London mansion skylight brightens the kitchen perfectly.

Natural lighting in the interior of the kitchen
Add a glass door

If the entrance area dark and dim, set design with translucent inserts.

Lighting the entrance area

If you want to hide from prying eyes, use for decoration frosted glass.

Table Lamp in the interior hallway
Replace the array of interior French web

Construction not only provide sound insulation: in a room with an open plan French doors to visually transform the interior.

Ceiling light in the interior

Note that as framed partition between the dining and living room.

Pendant lights in the dining room interior
Expand openings and carry unnecessary walls

London house has no windows in the kitchen. Experts have found a way: set the hatch in the ceiling, and dismantled the wall between the dining room and living room.

Natural lighting kitchen

The open layout and panoramic window openings make it possible to breathe deeply!

Pendant lights in the dining room interior

But what if you can not afford an expensive repair?

Painting the wall

Filling the room with rich, expressive, but calmly.

Warm green - perfect for the living room. Black doors and brass fittings looked expensive, adding a matte finish. For double French doors hides a bright dining room.

Wall sconce in the interior hallway

Vintage sink, expensive wooden furniture set and gorgeous frame - no kitchen, but the dream of every housewife!

Hanging lamp in an interior bathroom

Notice how impressive and elegant looks rich green hue in the decor.

Wall light in the interior of the living room

The deep smoky color does not narrow the room, on the contrary, he seemed pushes the walls!

Hanging lamp in the interior dining area
The mirrors in the decor

Hang a large mirror opposite a window to maximize reflected light is scattered everywhere.

Wooden table in the dining room interior

Antique mirror perfectly decorates the dining room.

Hanging chandelier and wall lights in the dining room interior

Eclectic accessories significantly transform flight of stairs, giving it a personality.

Mirrors on the walls in the interior

We hope you liked the decor ideas from famous designers. How far are you willing to go to add sunlight to the house? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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