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Using lamps in the interior 11 photos Design

Hanging chandelier in the interior of the dining room from Kimberley Bryan

Dining room in country style of Kimberley Bryan

This unique light fixture canperfectly accent any area in the house and fill the space brightness, elegance and special charm. In today's story, we will present you the exclusive use of the idea of ​​incomparable suspension in the decoration.

This unusual house in Washington, belongs to the pairCari and Greg Horning (Carl and Greg Horning). Original rustic interior farm is different warm and cozy atmosphere, which was achieved thanks to the abundant use of natural materials, family heirlooms and vintage accessories. Hanging chandeliers help to focus the eye on certain areas: the dining room and the general interior.

Beautiful pendant lights in the living room of the Kimberley Brya

Guest room on the Kimberley Bryan

The original mansion belongs in Dallasmarried couple James and Cindy Stolp (James and Cindy Pillar), and their three sons. The decoration of its different calm and laconic performance, while low modern lamp with a spherical tinted shade allows to focus the eye on the corner for a meal. Three of the ceiling instead emphasize the great length of the table and evenly illuminate the room.

The ball-shaped lamps in the interior of the dining area from Sarah Greenman

Dining by Sarah Greenman

The marvelous mansion in Australia livehosts Will Onus and Simone Viljoen (Will ōnusa and Simone Viljoen), together with their children and parents. Home Decor of these apartments designed in a bright and colorful manner.

Some chandeliers with a magnificent domed shadevisually combines living, dining and kitchen area. In this neutral tint palette of dazzling illumination and draw attention to the colorful textiles and works of art.

Creative hanging chandelier in the interior of the living room from the Luci.D Interiors

Living on Luci.D Interiors

Unique house in Pennsylvania, belongsGino and Mali Torriero (Gino Torriero and Mali), and their two sons. The magnificent building was equipped with a kitchen unit on the brand IKEA, which was supported by wooden ceiling decoration, glazing window openings, as well as the design of concise open shelves that brings the atmosphere of warmth and incredible comfort. Complementing the island numerous glass lamps with an amazing drop-like bubble.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the kitchen from Jason Snyder

Modern kitchen by Jason Snyder

Interesting design of the house was designed for housewivesChristina Campbell (Campbell Christine) and her son. Decorating a kitchen island with textured wood was accentuated with unique lamps with glass shades.

Pendant lights in the interior of the kitchen of Sarah Natsumi Moore

Rustic Kitchen by Sarah Natsumi Moore

Affordable bungalow in Ohio and owns KielChelsea Mohrman (Kiel Mohrman and Chelsea). Practical desk was supplemented by a pair of elegant chandeliers are perfectly harmonize with the architecture and decoration of the house.

Bright hanging lamp in the interior of the kitchen by Adrienne DeRosa

Kitchen from Adrienne DeRosa

The cottage lives in Toronto Timothy FamilyMitanidis and Claudia Bader. In order to save money to repair their apartments are decorated with original kitchen island illumination system using a gas pipe and minimalist lamps.

Wonderful pendant light in the interior

Design by Andrew Snow Photography

The stunning mansion couples Harriet Goodall and Mat Campbell (Harriet Goodall and Matt Campbell) has a neutral decorations with a predominance of exceptional items handcrafted interior.

Suspension lamp woven into the interior of the kitchen from Luci.D Interiors

Kitchen from Luci.D Interiors

The mansion was designed in the Netherlands ownersManon and Ruud van Niel (Manon and Ruud Van Neal) in a modern style. In the bedroom they used hanging lamps instead of bedside lamps, which due to its miniature shape perfectly save space.

Snow White pendant light in the interior of the bedroom Holly Marder

Bedroom by Holly Marder

Cottage in a rustic style in Alabama, decoratedhosts David and Atalie Whitley (David Attali and Wheatley), has a tranquil and serene atmosphere. Dining area perfectly decorate the massive chandelier with white lampshades.

Bulky chandeliers in the interior of the dining area from Corynne Pless

Dining on Corynne Pless

We present to you the amazing decor ideas and solutions to transform the apartment with hanging lamps, filling the living space incredible charm and aesthetics.

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