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Unusual photo collection of designer lamps

Fancy gold lights

Fancy gold pendant elements

Today our story is devoted to trendsYour unusual items lighting. As decoration for home decor, pendant lights give the room the completed image, as well as provide excellent illumination.

Currently, the market can find a lot of models, from industrial design to a compact minimalist products.

Retro effect

We could not ignore the lightingdevice, which has developed a talented specialist Tom Dixon! Pay attention to his unique collection of Mirror Ball Gold in two-color spherical shape. These objects combine retro accents and modern motifs. This is not surprising, because a professional lighting inspired by the disco balls and space helmets.

Beautiful golden lights

Great stylistic execution

Mirror Ball products are available in severalvarious sizes. You can purchase one modern art product, or place them in groups. Here in the photo you see the ceiling with a silver finish. Collection by Tom Dixon is an excellent example of the trend enable retro motifs in design chandeliers.

Creative golden lights

Great stylistic execution

The lamps in the interior of the restaurant

Spherical pendant luminaire Sonecamatt lampshade from CB2 were designed spouses Robert and Cortney Novogratz. An interesting combination of matte acrylic ball and stainless steel makes an indelible impression.

Transparent lamp in the form of a ball

Spherical chandelier from CB2

Boja products from IKEA has the atmosphere of the 70s of the last century. Shade was made with the use of rattan, which combines perfectly with the steel ceiling foundation.

Lamps made of rattan

Model Boja Pendant Lamp from IKEA

Compact selection

One of the most popular trends isused in interior design modest lighting. large number of small, but expressive objects now appear on the market. Below you can see the suspension Prism, which have geometric glass bubble with a metal frame.

Prism lamps with geometric bubble

Unique accessories Prism from West Elm

Notice how wonderful shade in harmony with unusual flower pots on the dresser next to the bed.

Lamps with shades in the form of a rhombus

Original decoration in a modern bedroom

Once again, you can see the embodiment ofretro style, but this time in a modest form of fixtures Krannel / Gille Glass. The industrial look of metal elements accentuate, ceramic cartridge and glass lampshade.

An interesting lamp from West Elm

An interesting lamp from West Elm

Next you can see a lot of Room & Board interior of unique objects with a translucent canopy and metal parts.

Lamps with translucent shades

Compact lamp in a colorful performance

The use of crystal chandeliers in the form of recently received widespread. For example, the model has the Crystal faceted contours and refined silhouette!

Crystal lamp

Elegant decoration

Shaded Minimalist lamps equipped with modest shades with metallic shades and twisted electric cord.

Shaded lamps from Onefortythree

Steel Pendants from Onefortythree

Device Brass Dome from Dwell Studio is a compact unit with a classic shape and elegant performance, which makes it a versatile piece of equipment for the apartments.

Classic Brass Dome Light from Dwell Studio

Exquisite lighting fixture

Simple and concise chandeliers powder coated sockets are made in different color variations. Very interesting they look in the decoration for the house, not only individually, but also a group.

Colored light bulbs from onefortythree

Colored light bulbs from Onefortythree

Collection of fixtures

We end today's story about new trends in the world of suspended lighting with the group sculptural pendants.

White pendant lights by Tom Dixon

Four unusual pendant by Tom Dixon

Another trend in the field of illuminationis the use of different materials. These devices Cloak Room & Board on remarkable combine porcelain base with elements of antique brass and walnut inlays.

Stylish fixtures Cloak from Room & Board

The elegant design of the dining room

Decor and Interior Frida from CB2 brings a beach atmosphere in the decoration through the use of colored woven sheets of tropical palm trees.

Frida lamps from CB2

Exceptional lighting

Here is another photo of the unique elements of illumination, which will give you a complete idea of ​​their size and colors.

Beautiful Frida lamps from CB2

Rich decoration terrace

We end today's story from the original product Candlestick CB2, which exudes an incredible magnetism and expression!

Geometric pendants of CB2

Geometric pendants

We present to you the collectionfascinating illumination devices that meet the latest fashion trends. Do you like modern art, these models? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below ...

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