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Unusual lamps: beautiful white floor lamp in the living room

Visitors to our site is provided successfulopportunity to learn about the results of inventive creators of the world of design; plunge into the atmosphere of beauty, sensuality, genius. Inspiration visited suddenly and fleetingly, the main thing - to catch this bird of happiness, and she will bring glory and prosperity.

The idea is born in the human mind and acquires resistance. Unusual lamps, which we will present to you in this article, will give elegance lighting, harmony and style.

Currently, classic light fixtures areenviable demand not only among connoisseurs retrostilya, but the rest, not yielding to the same fixtures. Designers are constantly improving form of modern floor lamps and a trio of their representatives, which we describe today. This is a clear example of the new trend. Exclusive and original, they fit harmoniously into the rapidly changing urban life, corresponding to the latest whims of fashion.

Cool floor lamp

Created by Porada, these uniquefloor lamps combine the refined form and aesthetics in an easy manner. The combination of warm wood and steel lampshade perfectly fit almost any decor, whether it is a library, a study room or a fashionable living in a country mansion.

Porada company was founded in 1968 by Italian master processing wood Luigi Allievi, a fairly well-known since 1948 manufacturer of high-quality chairs.

The company takes part in the annual exhibition in the city of Milan Salone del Mobile.

"Our new products - a modern high-quality restyling creatively adapted the models of previous years", - says the vice-president of Porada Arredi SRL Bruno Allievi.

The elegance of the old world

Lamp Babele alta, designed by designer sketches O. Moon, made in solid wood with a floor lamp, upholstered in silk. Holder under a lamp rated at 100 watts.

Beautiful floor lamp in the living room

Unusual white floor lamp in the living room

Modern black floor lamp in the living room

Exquisite floor lamp in the living room

Babele alta series of O. Moon has a simple and elegant silhouette, enjoying a light unobtrusive charm. At the same time, his impressive form ensure high-quality lighting. Soffit is available in different colors from light to charcoal black. The lamp gives the interior a fashionable sophistication.

ET Lighting Style

Lamp Pileo from solid walnut or ash and lampshade made of sheet metal rises in the room, like a real unearthly structure or Martian fighting machine from Spielberg movies.

Tripod light wood adds externalmind and so unusual lamp a certain charm, and the lampshade is available in different colors. The original shape of the floor lamp is the perfect complement to a stylish modern home, regardless of the overall interior design.

Amazing floor lamp in the living room

Breath-taking outdoor lamp in the living room

Unique floor lamps in the living room

Good for floor lamps in the living room

Excellent floor lamps in the living room

Environmentally friendly glow Gru

Floor lamp under the unusual name refers to GruEco-Friendly brand products. The slender figure of the original floor lamp really looks like a construction crane in miniature design, it is made of walnut wood and merges harmoniously with any interior.

Ultra-minimalist and lamp Gru,designed by Marconato & Zappa, unique in its kind. The lamp is designed for those who love the sensational combination of design, sustainable development and "green" virtues.

It takes a minimum of space and consumes minimal power - a successful acquisition for zealous owner.

Fantastic floor lamp in the living room

Creative floor lamp in the living room

Magnificent floor lamp

Stylish floor lamp

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