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Unusual ceiling chandeliers. Model Les Cordes-innovation has no boundaries

Chandelier Les Cordes from Mathieu Leanё

Today, the French designer Mathieu Leanёconsidered one of the most successful representatives of their profession. His talents are used in many areas of design in addition to creating furniture items.

The innovation lies in the skillful Leanёcombination of science, art and the most advanced technology to achieve maximum well-being. One of the most notable development was the French artist created them in 2013 chandelier Les Cordes.

Its structure mimics the glowing cord, piercing the ceiling in many places. On the side are visible only tubes of borosilicate glass filled with a warm glow.

This is not an art object and a lighting fixture. It is the light itself, which inexplicably penetrated into the building seems to exist independently of someone else will.

Dangle chandelier Les Cordes from Mathieu Leanё
Material Les Cordes chandeliers from Mathieu Leanё

Mathieu Leanё called fighter for intellectualflexibility of modern design. Working on your humanistic project, the author considers the human person as an infinitely complex structure, which requires a much more careful approach than some inanimate object.

Because people need air to breathe, food quality - to be healthy, and love - to live in the present.

Photo: Vincent Duault.

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