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You just dream about this, but the United States has come up with! Unique project linking relatives who are far away from each other. On it the first time you tell us.

"Today, many of us live far fromtheir beloved relatives. This is not what was in those days when I was a child visiting his grandparents and brothers every week. Both families of my dearly-beloved grandparents live far enough, not to mention the numerous other relatives. Sometimes I wonder how age will change their outlook if they feel a connection with their roots. "- Says the developer of the project.

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Table Lamp in the form of house

The fact that people are increasingly scattered across thethe world is becoming a trend, which may give rise to a sense of disunity between family and friends. To avoid this, it has been specially developed Good Night Lamp, which is a project KICKSTARTER from The Good Night Lamp Team out of the UK.

These lamps are connected over the Internet. When you turn the main lamp, the other, smaller, is also included. Is not it a great way to say "good morning" or goodnight grandparents, who may be located in another continent. This allows you to keep them in sight as they age.

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Wooden Table Lamp

And so you, even without the daily phone calls andletters can be sure that they were all right. This is a great opportunity to get a little closer to each other and to show that even when we have free time for a phone call, we think about each other.

For those who do not know, Kickstarter - itProgram funding of creative online projects, which began its work in April 2009. The platform is full of ambitious, innovative and original projects that can be supported by you, despite the hopes of large corporations who have decided to invest in the development of this product.

This will not only give the power into the hands ofpeople, but also it will be a real reward for investors available on each individual project. If you have not heard about Kickstarter, then get acquainted with them!

Wires from the table lamp

Funding Period for Good Night LampIt ends on Wednesday, February 6 at 22:11. Thus, if you want this project to become a reality, go to KICKSTARTER and enjoy the moment!

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