designer lamps

Unique lamp in the form of a broken light bulb

Lamp printed on a 3D printer

Dear readers, we always strive to introduce you to the most interesting innovations in the field of design.

Today we talk about trendy and contemporary products, created using 3D printer.

Looking at this light bulb, a feeling thataround the frozen time. It still burns brightly, but at the same time, even momentarily, and she soon smashed to pieces on all sides. This is a very original and interesting approach. Thanks to technology, 3D printing is now possible to create the most amazing things.

Beautiful light printed on a 3D printer

Shards of light bulbs printed from durable whitenylon. It is very lightweight and durable material, which is great for many purposes. Now it is available in different colors, depending on the wishes. The lamps are powered by 12 V 110V / 220V.

Amazing light printed on a 3D printer

Today there is a rapid increase in 3D-printing. Projects that previously was not possible due to lack of the necessary technology, it was possible!

Most interesting is that printing can be carried outnot only paper but also on titanium, stainless steel, ceramics and many other materials. Soon we will see more and more interesting and original products.

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