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Trendy table lamps for retro fans

Trendy table lamps by Louis Poulsen

Trendy table lamps by Louis Poulsen: Model in black

The Danish company Louis Poulsen,specializing in the design and manufacture of lighting devices for different purposes, has introduced fashionable table lamps, which immediately attracted the attention of designers and fans of stylish things. This collection - Redefining cult lamp Panthella, created by the famous Verner Panton in 1971.

The unusual shape of fashion table lamp

Luminaires from the series Panthella Mini - namely,is the name given to her developers - provided with metal shades to 250 millimeters in diameter, while standard counterparts are usually 400 mm.

Glossy fashion table lamp in purple color

Classical models of Panton white acrylic onstill in demand, which was the impetus for the creation of the considered collection. It presents the lamps in a variety of bright colors, borrowed from the work of the legendary masters. He himself planned as a basis, and shades of its products are made of metal, but in the 70 years is not the technology was developed, which would allow to realize all the details of the designer's purpose.

The variety of colors fashionable table lamps

Updated versions of imperishable masterpiece by WernerPanton equipped with LED-elements that suggest the regulation of light intensity. Lamps Series Mini, supplied with metal shades, available in yellow, orange, purple, red, pink, blue and green colors. Models of acrylic are also produced in white, black and opal versions.

Bright trendy table lamp - Photo 1
Bright trendy table lamp - Photo 2
Bright trendy table lamp - Photo 3
Bright trendy table lamp - Photo 4
Bright trendy table lamp - Photo 5
Bright trendy table lamp - Photo 6
Bright trendy table lamp - Photo 7

Some might say that the authors of this collection went through a fairly simple and just to modernize a classic example of design art, but then it needed considerable courage!

And which of these delightful light most like you?

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